Saturday, January 3, 2009

6. What are the 12 Criteria of the Canine Good Neighbor Test?

In Blog # 4, I refer to the CGN (Canine Good Neighbor) Test. It is a test that is created and tested by the Canadian Kennel Club to help give people a way of showing that their dogs are good canine citizens.

Unfortunately, they don’t give a detailed description of what is involved so we offer it below for your information. Basically, what they are looking for is a dog that is relaxed and well-mannered at home and in public and that you have the beginnings of a working relationship with your dog.

This is one test that we recommend your dog works towards especially if you plan on getting your dog certified for public assistance tasks.

All 12 tests must be successfully demonstrated in order for the dog to pass. It is tested by authorized CKC testers only. There are no tricks and the test takes place in a public place.

Twelve Criteria of CGN
1. Accepting the approach of a friendly stranger (greetings owner not dog).

2. Sitting politely for petting. (A person bends over and touches your dog on the head)

3. Appearance and grooming will be checked by observing how the dog accepts a person such as a groomer touching his/her feet and ears. (Bring a soft brush to groom your dog.)

4. Walking on a loose leash. They watch for this through the whole test. There should be no popping or pulling. The occasional tight leash when changing directions is usually accepted by testers.

5. Walking quietly through a crowd of people. (Your dog should stay with you and not show interest in the people)

6. Sit on Command and Down (No physical touching allowed) and Staying in Place, on a long line, while the owner goes 20 feet away and comes right back.

7. Holding position while the owner goes out 8-10 feet then calls the dog to come (done on leash).

8. Praise and Interaction. Demonstrating that the dog can go from playing excitedly for two minutes to calm after being asked to do so by the handler.

9. While two persons and dogs approach each other and shake hands, the dogs will be tested on his/her reaction to another dog. (Ideally your dog will stay sitting beside you and ignore or show only mild interest in the other dog.)

10. Reactions to distractions may include a jogger or bicyclist going past or unusual noises such as a ladder being banged, and the dog should exhibit no panic nor aggression. Startled reaction is fine but your dog should recover quickly.

11. Supervised separation is tested by the handler going out of sight for 3 minutes while the dog is held by an evaluator. (Dog should stay calm and unconcerned.)

12. Walking Through A Door. Dog waits in a sit while owner opens door then walks quietly through the door when asked to do so.

Where are Classes & Tests Held?
The test is offered several times through the summer months all over Vancouver Island. In Nanaimo, the Nanaimo Kennel Club offers classes to prepare for it starting in January and September. They also host a test in June each year. We (VIAD) also host practice sessions for you as well starting in April.

In Victoria, the CGN is hosted through Citizen Canine and in Duncan area Hugabull (a dog recue organization)hosts it. Campbell River Dog Fanciers also host classes and a test each year.

As we learn the actual testing dates, we will post them here.