Sunday, January 25, 2015

Need to Fine Tune Your Dog's Retrieve?

Learn how in your own home during my 6 week online course!
102 video clips and over 25 photos in my upcoming "Cabin Fever" class. Wow! Just got them uploaded and ready to roll.
That's many details for anyone wanting to learn some games to notch up their dogs retrieve of any and all items, no matter how odd, delicate or small! Designed for people training their own service dogs.
Scent discrimination is included! It really should be called 'Fine Tuning your Dog's Retrieve'!
You'll more than get your money's worth for US $65 for a bronze spot. Really want to get involved? sign up for silver or gold and get specific personal feedback when you submit 3 weekly videos!
Registration has started and class starts Feb 1, 2015  Join the fun!