Friday, February 14, 2014

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does VIAD  certify service dogs in BC, Canada? 
No. To find a list of organizations who do, click the link below. 

As of Dec 2013, there are only 3 organizations in BC who are authorized by the government to train owner-trained service dogs. You will need to contact each one to see if they are currently accepting applications (some periodically don't as they are full) and to find out if they will certify the type of service dog you need. 

Each of them have their own process. Training is usually required with them as they want to ensure that your dog does indeed qualify as a service dog and poses no threat to their liability. 

  • what their application process is? 
  • are they currently accepting applications
  • what kinds of service dogs do they certify?
  • what their training process looks like?
  • how many hours do you and the dog get?
  • do they train your dog or only you and the dog?
  • what the training and certification fee? 
  • how often you need to recertify with them? 
  • what do they supply etc?
The list has 5 organizations. The bottom three are who you want to contact. There is usually a wait list for the owner-trained programs so contact them in advance to inquire.

2. What does the certification process for a service dog or assistance dog in BC, Canada look like and what documentation do you need?

Check this blog post:

3. The laws are changing in BC. There is proposed legislation to disallow certification of Owner-trained service dogs. If and when the law changes, anyone currently training a service dog will have one year from the date to certify their dog.

See blog post:

4. What Are the Standards for Service Dogs in BC?

5. How do I find a trainer who can help me train my own service dog or assistance dog in BC?
The foundation of a service dog is a healthy, well-adjusted, well-behaved dog who can perform needed tasks in public. Dogs that ate fearful or aggressive in any situation will not be certified. Any good positive reinforcement-based trainer should be able to help you train them.

See blog post

Also check out my youtube videos with all of the 'how to' for basic training, advanced and task training videos. The Assistance Dog task videos are at the bottom of the page.

Also, There is an online structured training program available for free. 
Sue Ailsby's Old Training Levels is on her website. 

More information about it can be found at this blog link.

6. Where can I find a list of tasks?

General Tasks

Psychiatric tasks

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If you have further questions: 
you can book a consult with Donna by phone or webcam (Skype or Facebook) for a fee. Check out her website here.