Monday, February 6, 2012

Another owner-trained service dog certified in BC

Here is a letter I recently received updating me on the process! Sometimes one piece of information is all that is missing. Congratulations to Carla & Banjo!
I have included a link to her in case other's need this information.

"Hello Donna,
Back in September, you E-mailed me with information about how to certify owner-trained service dogs.
I e-mailed both places. Helping Paws got in touch with me right away.
Diana, from Helping Paws is absolutely wonderful. I made an appointment to test my dog, had to cancel twice due to medical circumstances. She totally understood, and we finally made it to Creston.

She took my dog Banjo and I through town, in and out of stores, walking by distractions, saw what he does for me (pick up things I drop, open and closes doors, etc) and was happy to tell me that Banjo passed. A week later we received Banjo's sevice dog certificate from the BC government.

I take him everywhere now, Walmart and other stores, restaurants, my bank... everywhere. And it is wonderful to have him with me, and also my husband, who had a stroke and is also disabled. We are finally getting out of the house.

I can't thank you enough for sending me the e-mail to Helping Paws, it has changed our lives so much to have a service dog, that can help us out in public, too. Both my husband and I thank you so very, very much.

I follow your web blog all the time, there are still lots of tips for Banjo to learn! He is doing great, what a help he is.

Thanks again .
Sincerely, Carla
And a WOOF from Banjo :) "