Saturday, January 3, 2009

5. What Does the VIAD Training Process Look Like?

Using humane methods based on learning theory that are positive and fun for dog and owner (using sound markers, food and toys), individuals learn to train their own dog to do specific tasks that lead to greater independence in their home and beyond.

VIAD Training Facilitators provide access to the training framework, teach owners how to teach the foundation skills and offer expertise for problem solving. Owners do the ongoing daily training.

No expensive equipment is needed and are mostly things found in your home (things that you interact with regularly) or can be borrowed.

Tasks to be trained are selected specifically for each client, depending on their individual needs and situation.

Overview of Our Process:

1. Application (see #2 in blog archives)

2. Initial Consult to determine suitability

3. Secondary Consult to partner up with instructor, determine plan of action, key tasks needing to be trained

4. Once or twice weekly one hour in-home training sessions (in person or via webcam) to train you to train your dog the foundation skills for 16 weeks (45 minute daily training sessions with dog required by individual and/or caregiver, ideal if it can be broken into several shorter sessions) (gas costs must be covered by the client)

5. Once week in-home training sessions (in-person or via webcam) additional tasks for 8 weeks (45 minute daily training sessions with dog required by individual and/or caregiver) (gas costs must be covered by the client)

6. Assessment of dog/human partnership to see if suitable for public access work

7. If suitable, training for public areas and specific assistance tasks (up to an additional 6 months see step 4 and 5 above) (available in the Nanaimo area only at present)

We provide help with application for certification; have a lending library; sourcing harnesses, vests and other materials that identify your dog as a service dog when working in public.

We also host this blog for opportunities to interact with other trainers and ask questions.

For more information, please contact:
Vancouver Island Assistance Dogs
Nanaimo, BC V9R 6P3